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If you are unsure of what style of boxes you need we can suggest some options to help you to choose a box that works best for your product and also helps to market it for you too. We offer several box styles of differing construction tailored to suit your budget, the 
most popular of which we have detailed below. These boxes often include end closure panels and flaps which are fastened in a variety of ways to create tuck-end, or lock-end closure devices. 

 Reverse tuck-end glued carton 

The top flap hinges from the front panel and tucks into the rear, while the bottom flap hinges from the rear panel and tucks into the front panel. This style is ideal for displaying luxury items as the package gives a more finished appearance on the shelf, but also gives the designer more space for creativity. It is also suited for Food packaging, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Retail and Toy boxes. We can add dividers etc. which can be folded into the box to create a false floor or a divider or to support the contents. 

 Opposite tuck-end glued cartons 

As is shown in the image, the top and bottom flaps fold from the rear and tuck into the front, this can be reversed if required. This style is ideal for cartons requiring a window in the front eg. Cosmetic boxes, Food boxes (sweets), Retail or Toy boxes. Again we can add dividers etc. which can be folded into the box to create a false floor or a divider or to support the contents. 

 Tuck-end box with hanging tab 

This type of box is used for small, light-weight products and is ideal as a point of sale display to be placed on a hanger. It can also be made with a small window to show the contents. 


A Skillet is usually erected, filled and sealed by automatic packing equipment. This box is often used for Food, Retail or Medical packaging. 

 Crash-Lock base Carton 

This style of box is supplied flat packed and “pops” open, and can be easily erected even by hand. Once opened the base locks into place and will not close easily and is therefore suitable for all types of packaging. It is ideal for products that require a sturdier carton. 

 Envelope Base Carton 

A cheaper alternative to crash-lock base cartons, this style of box is supplied flat packed and needs to be opened up by hand. It is more suitable for lighter products. 


Sleeves are frequently used as a cover over a tray. It is a low cost packaging solution which allows the product to be viewed from the sides or from the top and bottom. There are a wide range of uses for sleeves. 

 Tent shaped carton with Crash-lock base 

Easily constructed and filled by hand these cartons are ideal for customers that don’t have automatic equipment. They are often used for food (sweets) and other types of shelf displays. 

 Roll End Tray 

Suitable for hand construction, with no need for any gluing. Once assembled the self-locking tabs help make this tray become a robust and sturdy package especially when it comes with a lid. 

 Shirt box with lid 

As the name suggests, this style of box is used for holding Shirts. The sides are glued and the box can be shipped flat for the customer to erect. it also comes with a lid, either connected or separate if necessary. The box has a wealth of uses from holding plain paper to Files or Food. Again we can make fitments to support the contents if required. 

 Buffer Wall Tray 

This type of carton is often used for high quality products or ones that may require extra protection or support. The box comes glued but will still require a certain amount of hand construction. 

 Pillow Packs 

A pillow comes flat and pre-glued and can be easily made up. Their unusual shape lends them for use to carry types of jewellery or other luxury items e.g. cosmetics or other craft type items. 

 Sloping sided point of sale Counter Display Unit 

Our display boxes can come with straight as well as sloping sides. The box is designed to suit both your product and to provide a unit for holding a number of individual products. The units come flat for the retailer to easily construct and once the lid is folded back, produces an attractive advertising display too. 

 Food sleeves – sloping or straight sided 

Our sleeves are used in the food industry for holding plastic containers. They are slotted to hold the plastic lids in place as well as aperture for the application of a BBE date. 

 How to measure your carton 

When giving us the dimensions of your carton or box please can you give the sizes in the following order: Length (L), Width (W) and Height (H). 
As shown in the diagram above 
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